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With Healing Powers by harry-styleswho MA
banner by eriza Althea Grace is a first year resident at London Grace Hospital in pediatrics.   Harry Styles is an unexpected single father of...
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Lock Yourself Out by team-styles MA
  Paulie was not a relationship kind of girl.   Yes, she liked boys and she liked their company but only in two scenarios: as friends or...
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The Happening by alittlebitofdreaming K
Aspen, a nineteen year old girl lives in the town of Loomen. Born into the highest rank, Aspen has luxuries that those of lower ranks could never imagine...
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Welcome to the One Direction Fan Fiction website! Please make sure you are familiar with the site rules before using the site.

Site News
Changed Categories!

The tagging system on the site for when you post a new story is still essentially the same and you don’t really have to do anything different, but we’ve added a bunch of new things and reorganised others that we believe you all will be very interested in and find very important!

Categories are simpler, there’s more genres and tags for you to choose from, and warnings so you can accurately label triggers. The new categories are as follows:

  • Genres – This is for a broad overview of the general style of the story, which includes things like humour, alternate universe, and romance. For a full list of genres, click here.
  • Tags – This is essentially a sub-category for genres, which covers things like your basic tropes (eg. fake dating or friends to lovers), but also the nature of the story (eg. pregnancy, uni au or 1d hiatus). For a full list of tags, click here.
  • Warnings – This entails all the possible warnings someone may need to tag for triggers on their story, whether to stop someone from being triggered themselves (eg. past abuse or self-harm) or someone who wants to read something specfic they may relate to (eg. anxiety or bullying). We strongly recommend that these warnings are taken seriously and that you use them because they are very important. For a full list of warnings, click here.

We hope that you enjoy all these new things and the only thing we ask of you now is to go categorise your stories correctly! If anyone has any questions on any of this or would like anything clarified, please let us know.


--Admin on 09/27/2016 04:15 AM -1 Comments
New Email Addresses!
One of our new changes to the site is a change in email addresses, and instead of just one email for everything to get sent to, we now have five! I know, that might seem a little confusing, but bear with me because I will give a brief explanation on them all so you know what goes where. It just makes things a little more organised, which is always nice.

So, without further ado, the new email addresses are as follows:

  • username@onedirectionfanfiction.com – this email is strictly for lost usernames. If you’ve lost your username and cannot remember what it is or find it in your emails, then send us your query right here.

  • account@onedirectionfanfiction.com – this email is for any issues that relate to your account specfically. This covers things like lost passwords, deleting your account, changing your username, etc.

  • violations@onedirectionfanfiction.com – this email is kind of self-explanatory, but for any violations on the site must be sent here. If you see anyone breaking a rule, please let us know.

  • technical@onedirectionfanfiction.com – this email covers all your technical issues to do with the site, so that’s things like log in issues, emails not working, glitches, unwarranted pop up ads, etc.

  • nominations@onedirectionfanfiction.com – this email is for any nominations you may have for featured stories. Remember, they must have at least a few chapters and a maximum of 200 reviews.

If anyone has any questions on these emails or anything else, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer!

– 1DFF Admin Team

--Admin on 09/24/2016 01:30 AM -1 Comments
Testing New Module

Hey Everyone!

So we found a new module we want to roll out with the site..however we need a few authors to help us out and test it!

Requirements: You need to have a banner or cover art for the story

It must be more than one chapter ( no it doesn't have to be finished)

If you are interested please Email us here include your user id ( penname) and the story you are willing to let us use! We will email you back with specific instructions and more detail!


Thank you


--Admin on 11/30/2015 01:50 AM 1 Comments
Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone!

Fitst and foremost we want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays! We have been getting emails from a lot of you about a new theme for darker contrast ( for night reading) we are working on that...as well as a new theme for the new album! Also if you have gone to our other site www.onedirectiononline.com we are doing some major changes and updates over there.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with the site!


We appreciate you all more than anything!

1DFF Admins/Staff


--Admin on 11/26/2015 04:37 PM 15 Comments
One-Shots [7507] Stories that are one chapter long
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