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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is just re uploaded, I have 65 chapters I need to upload but I am not uploading them all at once. Also even if you have read please re read it as some of the chapters have had changed to them.

Not many changes to chapter one though.

Enjoy x
Sarah's POV;

Take Me Out

The Introduction

It was another day, doing another episode for this series of Take Me Out.

I was sat talking to my friend Olivia that I have made while being on Take Me Out.

We were talking about how we hope tonight we might be able to get lucky.

When I and Olivia got into a proper conversation, the producers came to us 30 girls and said it time to get into the two lines to get ready to go on.

Luckily I and Olivia will be walking down the stairs together.

As soon as I noticed that, the credits for the start of the programme started.

After the credits for the start of the programme had finished, the narrator “whose name I still do not know” started speaking to the live audience.

He said “Love is a splendid thing and so is Paddy McGuiness.”

I always loved the lines that the narrator person would say at the beginning of the show.

Then live audience started cheering.

We would walk downstairs to get where we would need to be but Paddy comes down in the love lift that the guys who come on the show come down in.

Eventually, Paddy had come out of the lift and said “Wow. Welcome to Take Me Out. The love court is in session. Tonight a long line of lads will be making a case for a date in front of 30 single lasses.”

And then the audience started cheering again.

Paddy then said “Order, order, I said order in court.”

This made everyone laugh.

And finally to make me and the girls to go on to the stage, he said “Bring on the girls.”
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading this chapter.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

Hope you liked.

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