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Summary: “OMG! It’s really them!” Jackie whisper-squealed and a silent fangirling session started as we stood in front of the 1D dressing room.

“Hey there,” Harry said, answering the door, “You must be the VIP girls.”

Harry led us in and told us to take a seat. I sat down at the end of the sofa furthest away from the boys who had now taken their seats on the other couch, and were smiling at us.

“Well, you probably already know who we are, so, care to tell us your names?” Louis smiled.

The girls introduced themselves one by one as the boys moved down the line. We were standing in this order: Kayla, Jackie, Leah, me.

Harry saw me first and his mouth was hanging open, he looked shocked. He nudged Louis, who followed his gaze and saw me. He looked surprised and whispered “Maddie?” in Harry’s ear, who nodded. Louis was about to say something but I frantically shook my head motioning him to stop.

“Maddison,” I smiled and shook their hands, “But call me Maddie.”

Harry asked us what we would like to drink. The girls agreed on Coffee but I asked if they had tea.

“What type of tea would you like?” Harry asked me.

“What do you have?”

“Not sure, come with me we’ll have a look,” he replied. We went into the kitchen (the dressing room was more of a mini flat) and Harry pulled me in for a hug. We stood there hugging for a minute until he pulled away.

“It’s so good to see you again,” he beamed, “I missed you, Maddison Paige Taylor!”

“I missed you too, Harry,” I replied smiling.
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